Security Services

Safety & Security Services

We provide Highest quality security guard services to meet the needs of commercial and residential security.

"STF" security personnel are well qualified to handle all kinds of Security Services. They are trained in self-defence, basic weapon usage, fire-fighting, first-aid, CPR and other such pivotal life-saving techniques. More than anything else, they take great pride in “Client Satisfaction” - a characteristic fundamental in making of a good security professional.

At present, these are the services (Safety & Security) that are in our offering.

1 Institutional Security

(a) Govt Colleges & University
(b) Private Colleges & University

2 Corporate Security
3 Industrial Security
4 Hospital Security
5 Bank Security

(a) ATM
(b) Cash Management Security

6 Hotel Security
7 Event Security
8 Residential Security
9 Transport Management
10 PSO
11 Toll Management

(a) Highway
(b) Patrolling

12 Security Consultancy

(a) Security Designing
(b) STF Branch Offices & Auditing and Plan
(c) Risk Assignment Services
(d) Investigation & Verification
(e) Electronic Security & Surveillance

13 Training

(a) Physical Training & Client Customised Training
(b) Professional Training on Safety and Security
(c) JOb Training based on Client Requirments, Working Conditions, Policies

14 Providing Gunmen/armed men services