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About Us

STF PVT.LTD. is a Ten years old Private limited Company & a brain Child organised by a group of retired individuals from the Central Reserve & paramilitary forces. Among such reputed and retired officials the Chairman Shri M.S.Ahmed Ali Garu is a (Rtd.DIGP) for PPM(Para Military Forces). The Managing Director Shri.CB.Ramakrishna for STF holds a great pride in power packing the organisation to its best ability for providing employment and growing opportunities in Outsourcing & Management Segment.

STF provides the entire range of Integrated Facilities such as employment for outsourcing, Managing safety and security with Static Guards, Quick Reaction Teams, Beat Patrols, Executive Protection, Event Management, Property management, Body Guards, Escort Services. It also provides Risk Surveys / Audits and offers a range of collective Solutions along with Consultancy.

A company that is a single-source solution provider to every requirement in the arena of facility management services in India. Our clients regard us as the company which retains its customers because it treats them and their assets as their own. We are a Member of .....

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Over view

STF(Surya Teja Facilities Managament ) stands to help you unfold new potentials and maximize the ensuing benefits for its clients and for the society. In the years ahead STF will continue to be a resourceful business management company for employment and consultation. STF will remain a prime source for our clients to assist with visionary business and a role in managing decisions. It is your, our members, organization and Our mandate is to serve your business needs. We believe that technology holds the key to safety, energy security, access to information, and economic freedom, which are necessary for empowering our brethren.

Our services can be customized to fit with the objectives of your organization driven and delivered by experienced professional to achieve quality results at a cost effective value. We follow systematic planning and procedures for the services we provide. When you choose Absolute Services, you are guaranteed a job done by a well informed, experienced staff, qualified supervisors with a state of the art equipments. A regular training program ensures that our staff stays current on the latest techniques and usability of the technology and such equipments.

We are aiming to get more business such as in Management company & To obtain information critical to the businesses. Being dedicated to taking Facilities Management to all areas, we are focused at addressing the needs of our clients through rugged, efficient, reliable and economic data analysis and automation solutions. And in line with the world’s best, while maintaining continuous interaction with associations, which have updated information to assess the emerging requirement, so as to be ready when the needs arise.

We hold a diverse portfolio of clients that reads like a "Who's Who" across all industries and our service is personal and transparent with information sharing at our clients fingertips. Our focus on ethical working practices, coupled with inventive recruitment and investment in our staff has culminated into strong trading performance and a valuable market recognition.

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Service Areas.

We are a one stop Facility agency that offers complete, efficient and reliable Management solutions to Corporates, Varied Industries, BPOs, MNCs, IT & Software, Healthcare, Educational, Financial Institutions, Media & Entertainment Industry, Shopping Malls, Civil or Private and Government Construction Companies and Many More...


Our Facilities Management includes providing of Out Sourcing employment services, Maintenance of safety, security and house keeping services for Corporate, Commercial, and Industrial properties.


STF Services takes up any assignment, with a prior team of operations staff who visit the site to analyze and understand the needs of client’s. For safety we implement a sterling talent pool of professionals, due to which our clients are able to enjoy a secure and holistic experience, And performing Security Services through licence provided by PSARA(Private Security Agencies Regulation Act).


We provide the services of qualified and well experienced professionals towards the need of the organisation on contract basis and recruitment.